About me

Hello guys!

This blog was created due to my personal interest in everything and it really means the contents will be whatever that i like. Mainly will be focused on book reviews (Chinese, Japanese, Thai Fiction&Novel) based on my point of view.

My friend used to call me ‘Mhee’, meaning a bear in Thai. So I choose that to be my pen name. Now I am studying Chinese along with Japanese for improve my reading and translating novels.

I am just the ordinary reader who try whatever that seems good to me. No matter what the language is, I still try to read it anyway and I hope that you guys will enjoy it just like me.

Please be acknowledged that except my book reviews, I do not own copyright to any plot lines, all translations are fan-based and strictly for non-commercial purposed. 

Last, I rarely update this blog so in any case you guys want to contact me, you can directly e-mail to readlikeabear@gmail.com. Cheers!

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